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Step-by-step instruction

1 Step

To begin with, you need to select a coin for mining, click on the icon of the coin you want

2 Step

Follow the instructions as on the pictures and you will be registered.

You will see a field for registration, fill it in and click on register

in the PIN field, specify 4 random numbers This will be your secret code for changing the password and accessing the data, remember it!
3 Step

If all is successful you will receive a letter in which you must confirm your account and log in to your account

fill in your mail and password

4 Step

Go to my account, my workers

Now you need to add Workers, follow the tools, give them names and passwords

You fill this information in your sgminer or ccminer
5 Step

-o stratum+tcp:// -u WorkerLogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword